“Former Go Ahead-spits The Bullet seriously injured in accident”,

180dbfd75c6f9dc7d9ca958f43eb662d - "Former Go Ahead-spits The Bullet seriously injured in accident",

Leon de Kogel is last week severely injured in a car accident on the island of Malta. The former striker of among others, Go Ahead Eagles and FC Utrecht will need several operations to undergo.

It reports the AD on Monday. The 26-year-old football player would heavily injury have been incurred, but it is not yet clear how he exactly is.

The Ball, which is currently under contract with the Spanish UE Cornella, was on holiday in Malta. He would not be behind the wheel at the time of the accident, but caught as a passenger next to me hit on.

After the accident, it is the in Alphen aan den Rijn born striker moved to the UMC in Utrecht, where he had surgery will be. The authorities in Malta have launched an investigation into the circumstances of the accident.

The Bullet began his profloopbaan at FC Utrecht, but was especially successful at Go Ahead Eagles. For the club from Deventer, he scored thirty times in seventy matches played.


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