Family is ready for the season finale

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How far Emma and Guido in the battle for their daughters? And what is Luke, the biological father of Mila, of plan? Restores Hanne of her heavy collision? Take Stan still has revenge on Evy and Maarten? Are Stefanie and Ayo finally torn apart? And how does the relationship between Lars, Marie, Véronique and Mathias? One thing is for sure: there are the Family-viewers have two ultraspannende weeks to wait. On Friday 29 June 2018 the curtain falls on the 27th season. That happens to good practice with a stunner of a dubbelaflevering, which is filled with intrigue, thrilling moments and surprising twists.

In the sneak peek that has just been distributed seem to be mostly the stop of Stan all the way through to store. But what is he exactly plan? And on whom he focuses his arrows?

Season finale of Family, on Friday 29 June 2018 to 20: 35 hours at VTM.

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