Ex-wife of R. Kelly in tears: ’I wanted to die’

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Andrea Kelly, the ex-wife of singer R. Kelly, has for the first time, publicly spoken about their marriage. Tears, confessed the woman in the talk show Sister Circle Live on that they are at a given moment, put an end to her life and wanted to make, because they have no other way out anymore saw. “It was God who made me has saved for this act, he has ensured that the decision I took,” says Andrea.

“I was on the verge of the balcony to jump into a hotel, when God to me a kind of vision gave of myself. I saw myself dead and covered in blood lying on the ground, while the ambulances started. Then I heard a voice of my children, that they have not without me. I was, as it were, to my laptop sucked by a higher power, which forced me to ’domestic violence’. I stumbled on a questionnaire, of which I have 15 of the 17 questions with ” yes ” could answer. Robert was almost entirely that image of violence. I knew then that it was enough.”

Andrea had been married for 13 years with R. Kelly, and shares three children with him. Representatives of the singer have not yet responded to the interview. The singer throughout his career, often accused of violence and sexual abuse. Also, would the singer, a sex cult, where women are forced to sit without any contact with the outside world. According to Kelly, this is complete nonsense and does no one have anything against her sentence.

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