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eToro brings the OTC for hedge funds and banks, the Blockchain Era, comparable with the Dotcom Era

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The Investment platform of eToro, which is primarily retail-focused, is now expanding with a new crypto-currency offer in the institutional Segment. This opens up new opportunities to place large orders and provides for positive expectations of investors.

The abbreviation OTC stands for Over-The-Counter, or “over the counter”. Thus, the mean of OTC trading with crypto-currencies. The platform eToro paving enter now institutions the way in the crypto trading. This step is explained as a response to the demand of hedge Fund-owners, the interest in the trade of crypto-currencies have shown. With the structure of the OTC London receives a crypto-trading interface for banks.

We will start an OTC Trading Desk for institutions. We have founded our business team here in the UK, to begin with the establishment of accounts to trade with eToro. Between the stock exchange and the OTC Trading Desk, we begin to serve a number of other potential institutions, and financial institutions

– CEO Yoni Assia

Well-known financial institutions refused to trade with crypto-currencies until last year, largely, but are interested in a increase of the Bitcoin price increasingly. The stock exchange operator, CME Group and CBOE launched at the end of last year, the Bitcoin Futures, in order to give traditional investors with more opportunities.

As we are already at 23. May reported, there were however, problems in safe storage of crypto-currencies. The new Initiative Komainu has been specially designed to create a new type of storage unit for virtual Assets. The different storage options for institutional investors as well as larger crypto-currency enterprises need a very large memory.

Another main objective of the company is to make sure that the storage match solutions complete with all the necessary regulations and rules. The cooperation tries mainly to solve the many problems that go with the crypto – currency and the associated services in terms of safety and protection- protection of the investors require that in the event of a hacking incident, no money is lost.

Blockchain Era comparable to that of the Dotcom Era

At the time, it came from 1995, to a variety of start-UPS and by the great interest from Investors increased to IPOs. A lot of investors gathered, the hope is that in these markets, operating company “future enterprises”, and have wanted to purchase a share of alleged future profits a part of, or the sale of the shares by the rising rates. Further, this effect was reinforced by the strong expansion of many companies urge. The media stachelten the euphoria, primarily to the emissions of the new market.

Yoni Assia, founder and CEO of eToro, believe that the ideas are even bigger than the Dotcom Era. He believes that this is the explanation for the partly very high amounts are generated in the case of ICOs.

You look at this year alone, according to the Autonomous NEXT generated over $ 9 billion in the case of ICOs. Such sums are compared with the Dotcom time is pretty absurd.

Of course, the Trend is resulting in many critics. Of these there were then, as now. The success of some companies with their approach, however, suggests itself.

Many of the Coins and tokens are already flopped. According to Assia, an investment in crypto currencies 10 years ago, comparable with the investment in the Internet. As we have seen, the last year has been littered with UPS and Downs on the crypto market. But the rapid rise of Bitcoin has even impressed the laymen and critics. A Revolution will always have UPS and Downs. However, it has managed to Satoshi Nakamoto with his idea, to shake up the financial world at least a little.

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