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English press doubts about the Red Devils: ‘there Is, however, much has changed since the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and Marc Wilmots?’

92e6f0398ea71a97da76fc89a23aa33e - English press doubts about the Red Devils: ‘there Is, however, much has changed since the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and Marc Wilmots?’

Also in England, our opponent in the last team contest of the world cup, the world cup-opener of the Red Devils against Panama monitored closely. The British press was not particularly impressed by the performance of the Belgians, but warned for the individual class of Kevin De Bruyne and Dries Mertens.

Very smooth was the Red Devils, not against the world cup debutant Panama, and that gives our opponents hope. The British newspaper the Telegraph rapidly became a hardened drill down on our national eleven. “Belgium is struggling with a number of alarming flaws, and no one knows for sure whether Roberto Martinez that it can get,” writes the.

“Who at the score looks, would think that this is a piece of cake was for the Belgians. But the golden generation of the Belgians seemed to be long on the golden generation of England at major tournaments – less than the sum of their parts, and in a system that their strengths are not took advantage of their weaknesses, not stuffy.’

Marc Wilmots

‘It was not entirely clear what Belgium is exactly tried to do in the first half and at that time you could you with justice and with reason to wonder whether much has changed since the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, when the tactics of Marc Wilmots the ground drilled was and he was dismissed.’

“No, the Red Devils played rigid. To little overview in the midfield led to a series of wrong passes and too many long balls. That is good to know for the English. Axel Witsel looked like he was already longer than eighteen months in China.”

It was, however, The Telegraph also a warning in store for The Three Lions. That goal by Mertens, delicious. For the gourmets, ” she said. “It’s just a reminder that Belgium is a bunch of players that a bit can transform.’

The Daily Mail: ‘Lack of structure’

The Daily Mail went the Red Devils to scout around and sees all five points of the opening game of the Belgians at the world cup. The English newspaper saw opportunities against the Red Devils due to their lack of structure. ‘The Belgians were quickly lured into long balls’, they write. ‘Also a number of balls on the ground were wrong, which resulted in a first half full of mistakes and low tempo.’

In addition, the Belgian defenders do not always watch out for, according to The Daily Mail. In the great chance for Murillo, nine minutes into the second half, they were ‘sleeping’. Better teams would punish. Even if Vertonghen and Alderweireld in the back, you can still holes between those two.’

Fear for De Bruyne and Mertens

But the English also have to pay attention. For the Belgian corners, where the Red Devils to two times until an opportunity came by shortly to take. But also for Kevin De Bruyne. “He gives Belgium X-factor and showed at times his class to see. He sits in that category of world players that belong on a world cup.’

And also, Dries Mertens, the British journaille noticed. “He is in great shape and runs just about everywhere. He looks instinctively to the spaces on and is almost impossible with mandekking to catch. England need to be on alert for him.’

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