Duque wins presidential elections in Colombia

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BOGOTA – The Conservative presidential candidate, Iván Duque, the presidential elections in Colombia are won. He has 54 percent of the votes against 42 for its left-wing rival, Gustavo Petro, as it turned out after 97 percent of votes were counted.

The centre-right Duque is the successor of the current president Juan Manuel Santos. The winner of the Nobel peace prize in 2016 if, after two terms of office is not a candidate for re-election. Santos received the Nobel prize for his efforts to reach a peace agreement with the leftist guerrilla movement FARC to reach.

Duque, the candidate of the right-wing party PDC, wants the peace agreement on essential points to adjust. He finds that in the agreement too many concessions to the FARC. He claims that former FARC-leaders prosecuted for war crimes.

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