Critics racing for ‘Gotti’: “worst maffiafilm of all time”

018b1fd1b25a04c71c64dec52ff94b79 - Critics racing for 'Gotti': "worst maffiafilm of all time"

Since Friday is in the North American movie theatres ‘Gotti’, a biographical film about the New York mafia boss John Gotti with actor John Travolta in the lead role. The film was – to say the least, expressed no impression on the reviewers.

‘Gotti’ was already long for the release of a veelgeplaagd project. There were no less than four different directors, 44 producers, many changes in the cast and an eight-year process to adjust to the life story of the legendary mob boss in a film casting. The result of all that work now appears to be not in good earth, falling to the experts.

A reviewer of the New York Post printed it, perhaps, the strongest of all by the in his discussion of ‘Gotti’ to talk about the “worst maffiafilm of all times” and “the worst movie of the year so far”. The New York Times called the biopic then again “a ghastly mess”.

On filmwebsite Rotten Tomatoes, there is a extremely exceptional score of zero to one hundred. ‘Gotti’ is that score is not the only blemish on the blazon of John Travolta. The iconic actor explained the past decades, a bumpy course: the films ‘Staying Alive’ (1983) and “Look Who’s Talking Now” (1993), received on Rotten Tomatoes the lowest score possible.

If and when ‘Gotti’ also with us in the halls, is not known.

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