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Club Brugge escaped penalty for man that field is dropped after lost the top match against Anderlecht

bbaaa95be9d60e8096e22f7c227f0941 - Club Brugge escaped penalty for man that field is dropped after lost the top match against Anderlecht

Club Brugge escaped a penalty for the incident with supporters during the home game Club Brugge against RSC Anderlecht (1-2) in Play-off 1. The board of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) decided the champion no sanction to impose, if confirmed, the belgian football association on Monday.

The bondsparket continued Club Brugge on the basis of the reports of referee Lawrence Visser and match delegate Jean-Paul Mievis because of the attitude of the Bruges supporters. According to Mievis, there were paper balls, beer mugs, chairs and lighters to goalkeeper Matz Sels, the fourth referee and the doctors of Anderlecht thrown. There was also a pyrotechnic material (bombs, Bengal fire, and firecrackers) thrown in. After the race, was a supporter onto the field. That gave a boost to fourth official Geldhof, as it appeared from the report of a Fisherman.

Bondsprocureur Marc Rubens progressed, a fine of 2,000 euros and also asked a conditional sanction from 31 January to implement it. When was Club a conditional fine of 500 euro due to discriminatory chants during a match of the U15.

Club Brugge pleaded at the hearing of 5 June for the grounds of inadmissibility of the prosecution, because it is not immediately obvious was that the champion was persecuted. The arbitration board acknowledges that the notice summarily, but is that Club Brugge have enough time to see the contents of the file to study. The disputes committee recognizes, however, that the Bondsparket no action should take regarding the throwing of objects and the use of pyrotechnic material. “Even though these facts are reprehensible, they do not have any influence on the course of the contest. In that case, it is Bondsparket not authorized an action to be submitted to the disciplinary authorities”, explained the disputes committee.

Remained only the supporter who after the match the field was incurred and a push gave to an official. The Bondsparket ruled that such an incident a lack of organisation from blue-black showed. However, it gave referee Fisherman in his report to the stewards the man is soon able to overpower, and that all measures were taken to maintain law and order. In addition, initially, the complaints board that there is no direct witnesses or images of the incident, the referee took the testimony of his assistant in his report. “The disputes committee may, this incident is also difficult to estimate and certainly no penalty to impose,” says chairman Filip De Ketelaere.

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