CELEBRITIES are angry about immigration policy USA

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Many CELEBRITIES share Monday via Twitter their opinion about the images of refugee children in the U.S. in detention centers sit. U.s. media reported earlier this week that the united states government over the past weeks, certainly two thousand children of refugees, who are illegally in the country are entered, separated from their parents. Since then, there are more and more images of these practices published.

Georgina Verbaan

“May we of the prime minister, desire something against his ‘colleague’ to say about the #summer camps? Right? As long as the word ’cool’ there is not, for example?” asks Georgina Verbaan. “What is the world is an ugly place.”

Not much later shared the actress a tweet with a card that they are to minister-president Mark Rutte will send.

Cabaretiere Claudia de Breij, and also shared the news via her Twitter account. “FOR those WHO didn’T KNOW: hundreds of children in Texas being held in cages. MUST READ”, she tells her followers.

Actress Katja Herbers, currently starring in the American hit series Westworld, suggests the occasion of father’s day: “Give your father no aftershave, but make a contribution to organizations that help families help at the border from each other be torn.”


Radio 1-dj Astrid de Jong suggests: “If we are all one American call to ask whether they have realized that their government children with lies (he is just in the bath) removes at their parents and in cages stops? But I’m not so good to start”, she added.

Many other CELEBRITIES have a message from the singer John Legend, who fiercely responded to a photo of the Republican leader Paul Ryan that father’s day is fourth. “Fuck you,” writes the Legend. “Unite the families at the border again and we’ll talk further about your father’s day.”

Also politicians are angry about the images from the US. “Sickening and heartbreaking,” says Labour party leader Lodewijk Asscher. “The prime minister must raise the issue when he is about two weeks with Donald Trump on the tea.”

Lawyer Wants Eikelboom share per Twitter the address of the American consulate in Amsterdam and the rules that apply to organizing a demonstration.

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