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Bitcoin, Ripple, IOTA, and TRON tumbling: Why is it not up?

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The crypto market is moving more sideways and can’t make it, the negative Momentum of the last few days to overcome. Although there are currently no negative headlines to be found, which would push the market nervous, and thus to a sale, write, Ripple, IOTA, TRON and Litecoin, and other Altcoins in the red.

The market capitalization stood barely a month ago, on 21.06.2018, 391 billion dollars and more than 100 billion higher than it is today, is 276 billion dollars. Since the Flash Crash of last week, within a few days, more than 60 billion dollars from the market are gone, the crypto market is so far not more to recover.

Tom Lee, a former J. P. Morgan Chief equity Strategist, said in an Interview to Bloomberg that the leaking of Bitcoin Future’s for the falling prices. According to Lee, there have been in the past an average price decline of approximately 18 percent when the Futures expired.

The Start of the Course decline of the crypto market began 10 days before the end of the Bitcoin Futures. Large-scale investors to sell their Bitcoins before the expiry of the Futures, to push the Bitcoin exchange rate and make their future contracts very profitable.

As we already reported, has confirmed in a new study, once again, that the crypto-currency Tether significantly involved in the price manipulation, and for a case of the crypto market. The authors of the study, lead (freely translated):

Tether seems to be both for the stabilization as well as for the Manipulation of the Bitcoin prices.

This problem has already been disktuiert the end of 2017, and publicly denounced. Unfortunately, can’t protect investors against this risk, but must learn to deal with it and to profit themselves.

The price of Bitcoin is at the time of writing at 6.418, $ 38 and moves with a minimum price decline within the last 24h from – 1.33% sideways.

Ripple shows a similar trend and recorded a decline of – 2.26% to a price of 0.52 USD per XRP. With a market capitalization of almost 20 billion dollars Ripple currencies continues to be seen by 3 of the largest Crypto.

IOTA also drops in price order – 2.73 percent to 1.16 dollars. With a market capitalization of $ 3.2 billion IOTA currencies still occupies place 9 in the Ranking of the greatest Crypto in the world.

The price for TRON drops, in line with the current market trend, to 2.70 percent on 0,042 dollars. With a Marktkapitalisieriung of $ 2.7 billion, TRON can claim the tenth place of the largest crypto-currencies.

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