Anne Hathaway heard about the secret movie during lunch

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Hathaway is very happy with her role in Ocean’s 8

Anne Hathaway was stunned by the fact that they are an invitation had been given to be part of the Ocean’s 8 cast, because they are just a waiter had heard talk about Sandra Bullocks top secret new rooffilm.

The star of Les Miserables reveals that she of the lunch enjoyed when they first heard about the all-star film – and more wanted to know. “A waiter in the restaurant told me that Sandra Bullock is a new Ocean’s movie was with a female cast, and I remember that I thought, ‘That sounds like the best job ever, since I as of the earlier films did.” “And then called director Gary Ross me and said, ‘You must be a diva to play!’” Hathaway jumped a hole in the air to Daphne Kluger allowed to play: “It was so nice to have someone to be a world that I so well know, but hopefully it seems they’re not on me. Daphne is a little wild and over-the-top… and she is a lot smarter than people realize.

“Gary and I wanted to for a very long time together and it was great to be together with him in this character to create. And Ross was very happy that he is with one of his favorite actresses could work.”Annie embraced her role with so much force and enthusiasm and produced such a bold performance in terms of how far she was willing to go,” he says. “She is a great person, and also a talented actress. We had a great time”.

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