We know now all the Radio 2 summer Hit?

dadd1e0c71255f365bd0cea746b3e756 - We know now all the Radio 2 summer Hit?

On Sunday 12 August, weather Radio 2 summer Hit from Blankenberge. The show will be live on Radio 2 and on the One to follow. Just as last year, is slowly but surely clear to whom this year with the award of Radio 2 summer Hit of 2018 to the remove will go. We’re afraid now all the money on the bet that “Zoutelande”‘ from Blof and Geike with the award at the get go. The Dutch group scored as well as definitely the hit of 2018. The big question is whether or Blof is free for the winner of the Radio 2 summer Hit “should” be present during the broadcast on tv. In the concert of Blof is there in any case, no concert on 12 August. How, then, should also vote for the Radio 2 summer Hit yet to happen, and the jury will be very soon, perhaps, the list of nominees will be allowed to go together. Knowing that the singles of the nominees for a certain date, published, artists will have to scramble to Blof of the throne.

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