Vaderdagoverzicht: André feels rich man and Jan most proud dad

On father’s day to share acquaintances at home and abroad what their father means to them, or how it is to be a father himself.

So put john Smith a photo on Instagram of his children. “Forget awards of gold, platinum or diamond,” writes the singer. “Here is the most proud father of the country!”

Father’s day, according to André Hazes is not something treurigs if you don’t have a father anymore. “He will always remain in your heart, in your head and in your life. But along the way you will meet other people who have a void to fill.” He writes about Peet Schouten, his soundman. “He is more to me than my own father and I know, I feel that he sees me as his son. And my father-in-law, who gave me from day one, what is now already four years, has caught and in his heart has closed and me a whole other look at some of the things in the life. I am a rich man!”

His own son is called. “In the morning still had a gift to be able to get my boyfriend.”

Alex Klaasen keeps it at a heart for his father.

And also Patrick Kluivert posted a photo of his father. “Fine father’s day for this man. Dad, I love you.”

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