Trump complains about too little recognition in the U.S. deal with North Korea

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Donald Trump will find that he for the summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in the U.S. to little recognition. The deal about a denuclearization of North Korea, everywhere in Asia is to be commended and celebrated, ” wrote the Us president Sunday on Twitter. In the US however, many still prefer the deal to fail, than him a success to buy, what it sounds like.

Fact is that at the top in Singapore no agreement on a denuclearization is achieved. The by Trump and Kim signed document remains a statement of intent content far under the former agreements of the US with North Korea and other countries. Trump received criticism for. Even from his own party were the reactions on the top reluctant.

In a poll conducted by the ABC network and the Washington Post said 55 percent of the American respondents on Sunday that the for a positive assessment of the summit too early. Also on Trumps repeated assessment that North Korea thanks to him no longer a nuclear threat, responded a majority of the respondents with ‘wait and see’.

Trump tweeted Sunday that the agreement with Kim probably millions and millions of lives would be saved. He repeated his request for joint maneuvers with South Korea to suspend during the negotiation phase. That request had allies, and reportedly also the Pentagon by surprise.

The US would have nothing to discover, contrary to what the fake news is in a co-ordinated action is proposed, ” wrote Trump. “We have so much for peace in the world and at the end there is so much more’. What he exactly referred to, explained to the American president.

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