Trump and Orban voices the violins on migration

9f08e1b9cd1713e55d16e068b88899ce - Trump and Orban voices the violins on migration

The American president Donald Trump and the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban have each other Saturday through the telephone voice. They were agreed on the need for strong national borders, says the White House.

Trump congratulated Orban, with his formation of a new government, who ascended the throne on 8 may. The conservative Orban, who are kiespubliek treated with anti-immigratiestandpunten, fell for the third consecutive time elected in april, the fourth time in total.

Orban and Trump promised each other to be strong Hungarian-American relations. It is not the first time that Trump is aanschurkt against European governments that are critical of the European Union and are hard to compose on immigration. Recently praised Trump, the new Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte, who stands at the head of a government that has a pronounced anti-immigratiekoers.

Orbans preparation against immigration and asylum seekers, brought him into collision with the EU. Last week, he described the influx of refugees and other migrants in Europe as a conspiracy of ‘marktspeculanten’ to their profits increasing. He stated emphatically that George Soros, the Hungarian-born American businessman and philanthropist with Jewish roots.

The US becomes more and more isolated under Trump. His government is currently also in its own country under fire because they are children of their parents separating at the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

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