Travis Barker has thrombosis in both arms

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Travis Barker has thrombosis in both arms and cannot, therefore, does not occur. All the concerts of Blink 182 in Las Vegas this weekend will be cancelled.

That writes the band on Twitter. “Travis may not occur until the medical team that again approves. His situation is well monitored.” The drummer let yourself know: “Thrombosis in both arms wasn’t exactly the news I was hoping for. I am back again soon, thanks for all the love and prayers.”

Blink 182 let us know that there is new data to be published to the missed shows to catch up.

Barker announced last year that he is now healthier than it was when he was twenty. In 2008 he survived an aviation disaster to”, but took some serious burns. Then he became addicted to drugs and painkillers. He is now clean, was vegan, went running and boxing.

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