Tourists of Corfu, in the stench

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Corfu Tourists on the usually idyllic Corfu to see their vacation ruined by a penetrating stench. The reason: the island is largely hidden under a layer of waste. And that starts being nice to stink.

Corfu is one of the gems of the Ionian Sea, but has no waste treatment facility. And the only landfill on the island is very crowded. So, leaving waste along the roads are, as bewildered holidaymakers.

The streets of the island are full of bags and boxes of waste. “From the airport to our village we came to so many km many meters waste disposal,” said a tourist to VTM News. “Because the bags and boxes that remain are, everything starts to stink and rot. Even for the royal palace there is a mountain of waste.”

A second landfill would not be a superfluous luxury, but on the island people do not agree about the place of that provision, writes het Nieuwsblad. In the meantime, the flights to Corfu, according to tour operator TUI “because the holiday relaxation in the hotels are currently not threatened.”

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