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Tim Draper: Bitcoin will reach up to 2022 $250,000 dollars

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The billionaire Investor Tim Draper said that Bitcoin will reach up to 2022 the $ 250,000. He also said that “Fiat is the past” and that Bitcoin is the future. Draper said this during an interview with The Street at 12. June. He also spoke on crypto-currency regulation and price fluctuations.

When he is asked for regulation of the Cryptocurrency industry, he replies:

“The industry needs good and understandable regulation. The governments of this world are currently in a competition to establish the best regulations. The best created very clear and easy regulations. Crypto the next big technological step, and the governments must consider how to protect their investors, while they are not involved anyway in this new crypto-economy currencies. I believe that crypto-currencies will overtake in the next five to seven years of Fiat currencies.“

When he was asked for his thoughts, he said that he expected that, since cryptographic forms of graphic Money the speed [of the spread] of cash will be to expand the current $ 86 trillion global market for cash in the next 10 years will develop to $ 140 trillion, and that this development will be in crypto. To be honest, watch, he the fact that Fiat shapes are used really less, and that crypto will expand to 100 trillion dollars of this market. I assume that Bitcoin will be around 10% of this market, or 10 trillion US dollars. Tim Draper is not really interested in keeping the Fiat, because it will lose over time.

He added:

“I have no interest in trying to sell my Bitcoin. While I would not sell it at all? To Fiat, the exchange of crypto is like the trading shells for Gold. It returns in the past. I think in the long term that I’ll use it, spend it, invest it, or it’ll just keep. In terms of prices, we will see Bitcoin continue to rise. I’ve corrected my rating to four years, to $ 250,000.“

In short, the venture capitalists predicted that the bulk of the growth, which will speed up the acceleration of the capital, which is so dramatic, will be the result of crypto-currencies.

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