“The County continues without scouting’

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The County wants to lose hoofdscout Marcel Lötters. The doctoral candidate according to The news of the world to go on without scoutingsapparaat.

The County should be in the Premier league without the scouting.

Lötters received last week to hear that he needs to leave at the Doetinchemmers. And that, while he was already more than thirteen years ‘ service and a contract for an indefinite period of time. The Superboeren could be the first club in the Dutch professional football are without a scout, or scoutingsapparaat.

“We are looking at how we scouting in a different way than the traditional way can use,” said general manager Hans Martijn Ostendorp. Also technical manager Peter Hofstede sees no other option. “We scoutten for the last years in the Netherlands and in Belgium. There we know all the players. Now, if we take a large budget had to be in Scandinavia to scout, then it would make sense. But this way is not.”


According to the village newspaper is perhaps the question of how valid the dismissal. The County would have had no interviews with Lötters have conducted.

Lötters is since 2005 employed at The County. Previously, he spent seventeen years as a volunteer actively for the Superboeren. the scout was voorals not yet prepared to comment.

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