Taliban: not extend cease-fire

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KABUL – The radical islamic Taliban want their cease-fire of three days in Afghanistan does not extend. The spokesman of the group Sunday at the German press agency DPA said.

Talibanstrijders posing with Afghan policemen during the file. The cease-fire ends today.

“We do not intend the cease-fire to extend. It ends today.” Thus reject the Taliban also vredesaanbod of the Afghan president Ashraf Ghani. He announced Saturday that his government cease-fire would extend. Originally this would be to the 20th of June last.

Ghani asked the Taliban are also fighting to stop and negotiate. The US, the EU, the UN and many other countries that offer welcomed.

The Taliban had three peaceful days was proclaimed, to the end of the ramadan and the sugar feast to celebrate. Earlier the Afghan government a cease-fire offered. The minivrede succeeded, and was even on Saturday and Sunday enthusiastically received by millions of Afghans. Across the country, Taliban, security forces and citizens together for joint prayers and celebrations. Unarmed Talibanstrijders even came to the capital, Kabul.

Damper on the revelry was an attack at a festive gathering of unarmed Taliban fighters and Afghan security officials in the eastern Nangarhar province. It fell at least 36 dead and 65 wounded. Islamic State claimed responsibility.

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