Taliban make end to ceasefire in Afghanistan

f54b9233770a2e2aa3a6a12704820619 - Taliban make end to ceasefire in Afghanistan

The radical-islamic taliban want their three-day ceasefire in Afghanistan does not extend. The group’s spokesperson Zabihullah Mudshahid declared on Sunday to dpa that they do not intend. ‘The file ends today’.

Thus designate the taliban a peace offer of president Ashraf Ghani, who on Saturday had announced the armistice to extend. That would be up to 20 June last. Ghani urged the taliban to continue to fight and to negotiate. The US, the EU and the UN and many governments had the proposal supported.

The taliban were after the initially unilaterally declared ceasefire of the government agreed with three violent days during the end of the month from Friday to Sunday. The mini-file was well respected and was also Sunday by millions of Afghans celebrated. Across the country, taliban, security forces and civilians for joint prayers and celebrations together. Unarmed fighters even came to the capital.

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