So many animals were killed for Victoria’s wardrobe

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Experts have in the wardrobe of Victoria Beckham look under the microscope and estimated the number of animals killed to her dressing room to fill. And that is frighteningly…


Victoria loves to learn. So she has, among other leather jackets, gloves, hats, jackets and skirts. According to the expert, are two koeienhuiden need to, for example, a jacket. If the skin of a calf, there is four times as much as needed, because it is softer and finer. Therefore, it is estimated that there are 150 cows and 600 calves have been used for her leercollectie.


In the area of the bags, makes the former Spice Girl the all fur. It is estimated that Posh around 375 bags of the most expensive brands, such as Chanel, Fendi, Valentino, or of her own line. One bag costs ten lizards life. Also, there are other exotic animals used to the bags to produce. Therefore, it is estimated that there are 313 species of lizards, 16 buffaloes, 63 goats and a whopping 780 lambs.

Shoes and boots

In addition to bags, Victoria also addicted to shoes and boots. According to the Daily Mail, she has the last ten years, 1000 pair of shoes purchased. It is estimated that one-third of its collection from boots and the rest from pumps, had to, 317 cows are slaughtered.


Also clothing made of cashmere is a great love of Victoria. In her own clothing line, it is also frequently used. It is estimated that the wife of David Beckham 150 garments where the fabric is processed, including socks, scarves and nightwear. This would be the thread used are of 450 kids.

Woolen clothing

Wool is also much to be found in Victoria’s wardrobe. About 300 of the garments are of wool, according to the experts. There are about 75 sheep sheared.

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