Singer Sinitta ever molested in villa Simon Cowell

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The British singer Sinitta is ever molested in the villa of Simon Cowell. The 54-year-old ex of the mediamagnaat does her first story at the Sunday Mirror.

Sinitta, who in the eighties had a relationship with Simon, tells the story of how the two of them in that time arranged the guests received in their French villa. “In one of those weekends remained a man to stay with us. At the end of a fun day, asked Simon to me is our guest to the guest rooms to accompany.” Sinitta showed him the different rooms to choose from. In one of those rooms sat he down on the bed. When Sinitta goodbye wanted to say, he pulled her on the bed.

“He had that I was not wanted, but he did not loose. I could under him come from and said: ’What do you think?’. He laughed at me, and he liked it. He said, ’Is this what is Simon like? That you take the lead?’. I only thought how disgusting I found him.” The singer ran out of the room, to Cowell. She told the story and he confronted him the next day. The ferocious Cowell said that the man Sinitta never allowed to touch it.


The singer has considered the police, but they decided ultimately not to. “It is frightening because he is a powerful, influential man, and who knows what the consequences for me will be.” Yet she tells her story because she was afraid. “I’m sick and tired of other people’s dirty secrets to keep.”

Sinitta says in therapy because of the incident. “I still find it difficult to talk about.” Cowell would be in the meantime firmly behind his ex. “Simon is my guardian angel,” says the singer. “He has given me the confidence to continue. I would that strength not have if he me would not support it.”

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