Seehofer play high game

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As Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer Monday no compromise to reach their migratiedispuut, that may be the end of their political career mean. What’s wrong with the Beier?

‘I can no longer work with that woman.’ According to the newspaper Welt am Sonntag , minister of Home Affairs, Horst Seehofer, the past few days, decided partijkring, to two times said …

‘I can no longer work with that woman.’ According to the newspaper Welt am Sonntag , minister of Home Affairs, Horst Seehofer, the past few days, decided partijkring, to two times said about chancellor Angela Merkel. His party, the Bavarian CSU, denied the statement to other newspapers. But he could have said, is certain.

The off confrontation between the two democrats has a long history. In the nineties of last century were together, they minister under the late Helmut Kohl. They – the relatively young scientist, and political newcomer from the east – first as minister of Women and Youth, then of the Environment. He – the beroepspoliticus that steadily had risen in the partijrangen – as minister of Health.

After the political end of Helmut Kohl has Merkel, Seehofer quickly. She was successively secretary-general and chairman of the CDU, and then president of the CDU/CSU fraction in the Bundestag. He hung at the vicevoorzitterschap of his party and of the fraction.

In 2004, she and she for the first time, violently and openly. The bet was a joint CDU/CSU proposal on the financing of the health insurance. Seehofer, who is of simple origin and a convinced defender of the social welfare state, did not know of the introduction of a flat rate, not inkomensgebonden contribution for all employees. Merkel, she pressed on anyway. Seehofer resigned as vice-president of the group.

Still, she picked up Merkel’s him when they in 2005 for the first time, chancellor was. Seehofer was federal minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer protection. A power that him, as a specialist social affairs and health, but moderately could enthrall: he called it himself, sometimes mockingly, ‘the ministry of bananas and potatoes’. In 2008, he took early retirement from the federal government to return to Bavaria. After the CSU in the state elections that year-the absolute majority was kwijtgespeeld, he was party chairman and minister-president.

During the migratiecrisis in the autumn of 2015 erupted the conflict will re-open. The Bavarian minister-president cast himself as one of the biggest critics of But ‘Willkommenskultur’. Furthermore, he was not really subtle: there were images around the world-how he her, on a CSU congress in november 2015, as a naughty schoolgirl on stage openly the mantle uitveegde.

During the campaign for the federal elections of last year, the hatchet is temporarily buried. For that complaisance was Seehofer awarded the major federal portfolio of Domestic Affairs, in which he authorized was for the controversial migration policy.

Less than one hundred days after the appointment of the new government, is the battle fiercer than ever resurfaced. Is Seehofers frontal challenge to Merkel to a settlement for what happened in 2004, such as political commentators suggest? The man reportedly has a olifantengeheugen.

He is also known for his boldness: in contrast to the ever-doubting and rational Merkel, he relies his intuition and gut instinct. Sometimes rightly, but sometimes he shoots himself it is painful in the own foot. Does he do that now? By But authority as chancellor so openly to-day, he’s threatening not only her and the government to bring down, but also himself and the CSU. If the eenheidsfractie of CDU and CSU falls apart, will the CDU, probably, already in the state elections in October, itself standing up in Bavaria. That can the CSU a lot of voting costs, especially in its liberal flank. While it is not certain that the AfD lost voices be recovered.

Today, there may still be a compromise. In an op-ed in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of today seems Seehofer to suggest that he’s now the command will give to migrants at the border to send back, but that measure only in performance occur after the EU summit at the end of this month. Then Merkel and the two weeks grace, why she asked, and he has still his teeth shown. The ball is again in her camp.

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