Seed ’Sperminator’ is not welcome in Israel

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New York – The seed of the American math professor Ari Nagel is not welcome in Israel. The American has in his home country, dozens of offspring with dozens of women, and is known as ’The Sperminator’.

Ari Nail with one of his many descendants. In Israel is his sperm not be used.

Nail had in Israel and his seed to be delivered to a vruchtbaarheidskliniek, but even before he again stood out was his contribution will be destroyed. Nail was to Israel, traveled at the invitation of a childless woman, who is very happy with his sperm wanted to be fertilized. Israeli law dictates, however, that donors anonymous should remain and that can of Nail is not to be said. He is also known as the hardest working man in the insemination business called. And thus he returned after a fruitless journey back.

Ari Nail (42) is the biological father of dozens of babies. A number of them came in the traditional way, but Nail had no problem with his contribution in a cup to pour in the toilet of a local department store. Since the New York Post story announced, now more than two years ago, got a Nail it only get busier. His itinerary is tailored to the ovarian cycle of women all over the world.

Nails contribution is popular with white and black, straight and gay and lesbians. The popularity of Nail as spermadonor let is quite simple to explain. “He is a math professor (so genius), he is very fertile, he looks good and he does it for free”, so say various members of his clientele.

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