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Red Devils relegated to bijveldje

ec12c97704222651fea0de7c5e27bc35 - Red Devils relegated to bijveldje

The Red Devils are ready for Panama (17.00 hours). The last training before the match is over. Any downside: the team has not be able to train on the field where they Monday their match finishing.

It is the custom at a world championship that the teams a day before the competition on the field training where the match is played. But for Belgium and Panama was not. The field in the Fisht Stadium in the sweltering Sochi is rather brittle, and to ensure that the during the entire world cup to remain, had both teams on a bijveldje next to the stadium with the amusement park of Sochi in the background.

The Red Devils were once again two players: Thomas Vermaelen, in Moscow, left, and Vincent Kompany.

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