Paul Michiels still as in love with

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Paul Michiels-if recently 70 blowing out the candles. Of that occasion, Kris Wauters, the lead singer of belgium to become zondagochten to invite for a conversation in his radio program “the Goon Turned” on Joe.
Somewhere around 1994, when Paul Michiels on tour with belgium to become learned, he is Tina know. In the pictures of the Super 50 in the Manhattan in Leuven, he saw Tina for the first time. She was there kabelsleepster and did that job as a student job. The singer was immediately of his socks blown, and saw to his own words, ” an angel. Over 23 years later feel Paul still the same as then. If we ask him where he his wife has to know, then he should say “Crush”, a song that he wrote for belgium to become. That was really a special moment for him.

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