Part of the crew of Aquarius arrived in Spain

e4c8f03998bcd8d2ffaf7c6dc46fc85d - Part of the crew of Aquarius arrived in Spain

In the Spanish port of Valencia Sunday morning, the first migrants of the reddingsschip Aquarius arrived. That has the French news agency AFP on the spot determined. They were transferred to another ship, the Dattilo.

Around 06.30 hour run that Italian ship in the port of Valencia. A banner is called the migrants in different languages welcome in Spain. They are on the quay will be met by a group of employees of the Red Cross. Around 10.00 hours in the morning are also the Aquarius, and a second Italian ship, the Orione, in the port expected.

The 629 migrants on board the three ships were last weekend at sea saved. After Italy and Malta had refused to allow the Aquarius to moor, declared the new socialist Spanish government of prime minister Pedro Sánchez is willing to be the reddingsschip of the ngos SOS Méditerranée and Doctors Without Borders to catch.

Together with the two escorterende Italian ships undertook the Aquarius the more than 1,500 kilometer-long journey to Valencia. Due to the bad weather conditions at sea had yet another route be taken.

European tensions

The fate of the Aquarius and the passengers, among whom 123 non-accompanied minors and at least seven pregnant women, put down the tensions between the European countries on the management of migration flows at all on sharp.

As resulted in France’s heavy criticism on the refusal of Italy, where recently a government of the anti-establishmentpartij Vijfsterrenbeweging, and the radical right-wing Lega to power. The Italian minister Salvini had the past few days already know that he is still more boats from aid agencies the access to Italy would refuse.

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