Otto Lagerfett at Ment-pictures Diksmuide

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Otto Lagerfett was a guest in Ment on Sunday. There, he told him that he was in France, Karl Lagerfeld was encountered. Immediately decided to the singer that he also wanted to look like.
If you have Otto look at it, the resemblance is very striking. Otto Lagerfett is born in the middle of Germany. Meanwhile, he fell in love with a Dutch lady he met on holiday and now he lives already four years in the Netherlands. To say that he speaks as good English as Prince Bernhard.
This new ambiancekoning absolutely want Flanders to conquer. He had us all a few performances, and that were real hits! In the Netherlands, he is immensely popular. The Mega Piratenfestijn he performed for both young and old on for 33,000 people.

On september 16, brings Otto Lagerfett his debut album on the market. Then he can really put his stamp pressing with twelve new songs. To do this, he is assisted by Emile Hartkamp.

First, there is the recording for The Vlaamse Top 10 van MENT TV in Diksmuide, where Otto Lagerfett on 9 July at will. His current single “Bummsfallera” is well received by Ment and a lot of radio stations.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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