’No special top Merkel about asylum’

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BERLIN – Chancellor Angela Merkel has denied that she wants to move to a special summit with several EU countries that are particularly affected by the vluchtelingencrisis. A government spokesman said Sunday in Berlin that “there are no special EU summit is planned.” The convening of such a special top could according to him be a matter for the “institutions” of the EU.

The spokesman added, however, that ‘ it speaks for itself that the German government in this respect, discussions with the various member states and the European Commission.

According to reports in the Bild newspaper was the chancellor doing such a summit in the short term, with representatives of several EU member states. The meeting would be scheduled for the regular EU summit on 28 and 29 June. The CDU leader would solutions like to discuss for the vluchtelingencrisis with, among others, Greece, Italy and Austria. Sources within government circles of several EU countries would be against Bild have said. In the newspaper was talked of a special top.

The chancellor will be Monday night, however, the opportunity to the refugees to cards as the new Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte, comes to Berlin for his inaugural visit.

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