New: PartyfrieX ft. Venue Chef – ‘I suck’

f940cf30a63f4ca2ea192327feaac240 - New: PartyfrieX ft. Venue Chef - 'I suck'

Tom Wilborts & Bart Coppens forms since 2013 the feestduo PartyfrieX. Their debut single ‘All For You’ is directly a stunner and since then, they put many café’s and marquees are completely on their head. New crackers follow, such as “Every Time the Same thing’, ‘the Tavern’ (Ya Ya Yippie), ‘Meter Beer’, etc. After their successful carnavalssingle of 2017, ‘John (With His Accordion)’, they went into a partnership with the Venue Chef and they brought them, ” I must suck!’. And what a success! The video clip was already more than 4 million views and the number is both in the Netherlands and Flanders is well on the way to the zomerknaller and culthit of 2018 to be

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