Modric lays after world cup victory with Croatia press in Argentina

Croatia explains to the press after the first group’s profit on the world cup against Nigeria (2-0) in Argentina. That country missed Saturday immediately points against Iceland (1-1).

When the Argentines claimed barcelona star Lionel Messi and a negative lead role for himself by a penalty to be missed, while in Croatia, Luka Modric and his team at the hand took. The star was from the eleven meter spot, after Nigeria, with an own goal the score was opened.

The midfielder of Real Madrid, will see Argentina, however, still considered the strongest country in the group. “Maybe they are the favourite in our group, but Argentina should win after the surprising draw against Iceland.”

Croatia and Argentina meet each Thursday in Nizhny Novgorod. To an Argentine defeat in the titelfavoriet very difficult to make the next round.


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