‘Merkel wants to separate European summit on migration’

34c79dda1bf05edf1e5593d41935a38b - ‘Merkel wants to separate European summit on migration’

The German chancellor Angela Merkel works according to the newspaper Bild to a summit meeting with several EU countries which, like Germany, the vluchtelingencrisis sharply strikes. The summit would have for the ordinary European summit of 28 and 29 June.

The CDU leader wants, including Greece, Italy and Austria talk about solutions for the vluchtelingencrisis, sounds like it Saturday in the newspaper, government sources from different European countries tightening.

It is unclear whether Spain and the Balkan countries to participate in the summit. An Italian regeringslid said that ‘for the time being nothing has been decided upon’. “We are still in planning. Also, it is still unclear when the special summit exactly would take place.”

Merkel is under pressure because zusterpartij CSU a tougher asylum policy demands. CSU leader and minister of Home Affairs, Horst Seehofer wants migrants to the border stop which is already elsewhere in the EU to be registered. Merkel must be there at Monday agree. The CDU leader, argues by contrast for a European approach, but Seehofer wants to wait.

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