May trumps brexiteers with budget for health care

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The British prime minister, Theresa May promises that the public health service at 2024 annual 20 billion pounds extra budget you will get. That amount is even higher than the claim that the brexiteers in the prospect had made in the run-up to the referendum on an exit from the European Union.

The National Health Service, an institution on the Channel, this year celebrates his 70th birthday in a minor key. The health service is struggling for years with a chronic lack of financial resources. May promises change for the better. ‘By the European Union to leave and stop every year to pay huge amounts to Brussels, we will have to have more money to spend on our priorities, such as the NHS’, puts them in a tribune in the Sunday newspaper The Mail on Sunday.

It is an argument that her minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson uitspeelde during the campaign in the run-up to the brexit referendum of 2016. Johnson and other brexiteers made strongly that the NHS 350 million pounds extra per week would be able to get once the British no longer have to contribute to the European Union, a claim that is now widely being challenged.

May takes it a step further. The conservative prime minister acknowledges that the elimination of the contribution to Brussels is not enough. ‘To the NHS, the funding that is needed for the future, only the brexit-dividends are not’ the country ‘a little more to contribute’. The British media convert is immediately ready for potential tax increases.

May gives Monday a speech about the future of the NHS. Wednesday, bowing to the British parliament again on the law that the withdrawal from the European Union need to organize a time which May the rebels in her party again must defy. In The Sunday Telegraph writes to Health minister Jeremy Hunt, who campaign was waged for the preservation of the EU membership, that the extra funding for the NHS ‘us now all unite’.

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