May: savings by brexit for health care

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LONDON – British prime minister Theresa May has Sunday announced plans for the health expenditure over five years with 20 billion pounds (22.9 billion euros) to increase.

That annual amount will be funded with money that no longer is issued to the membership of the European Union and higher taxes.

“The NHS (National Health service) will receive 20 billion pounds more than is currently the case”, said May at LBC Radio in an interview. “We have the advantage that we have the money we no longer go to the European Union send, can use. But we must also look to contribute more to that amount of money in the future in the NHS to be able to stop.”

About the tax increase, said in May that her minister of Finance the plan outlined. They said that the load is increased on a “fair and balanced” way.

May’s announcement comes on the occasion of the zeventigjarig existence of the NHS, which is free access to care it offers to everyone in Great Britain lives. It must be the unity in the government and the country promote after two years of bitter divisions over the brexit.

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