Lil’ Small runs of stage after bierdouche

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Lil’ Small Saturday night during a performance in Hengevelde after a few minutes back of the stage walked. The 23-year-old rapper was angry because people from the audience beer to him threw.

Lil Small Friday at the Pinkpop festival.

Lil’ Small left with the words: “I’m going to tell a joke. I stand here for 10 seconds and have 15,000 euros earned it.” 3000 men remained baffled behind. Some provide an aired backlash their anger on the Instagram of the rapper. In the last post of the Native, are a lot of angry reactions. “Thank you for that beautiful 30 seconds, then plug 15.000 but comfortable in your pocket. Well deserved man! Topper that you are”, is one of them.

The organization of the Zomerfeesten Hengevelde do not expect that he reflected on the gage of Lil’ Small. “There were a lot of fans especially for Lil’ Small. I would not know what we should avoid. We already had more security guards deployed, but it is very difficult to here to act,” says spokesman Robin Raanhuis against The Stentor.

Earlier bierdouches

It is not the first time that Lil’ Small walk away from a show because the beer is thrown. In the course of the years, this is more often happened. In 2016, it requires the organization of a Limburg fair even money back from the rapper because he felt a occur prematurely abandoned because of flying beer.

The manager of Lil’ Small was not reachable for comment.

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