Lil’ Small ends occur after few minutes because of bierdouche

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Lil’ Small Saturday night during a performance in Hengevelde (Overijssel) after a few minutes of the stage walked. The 23-year-old rapper was angry because people from the audience beer to him threw.

“I’m going to tell a joke,” said Lil’ Small according to the AD against the three thousand spectators before he resigned. “I stand here ten seconds and I have 15,000 euros earned it.”

A spokesman of the Zomerfeesten Hengevelde said just after the incident just to have a rest. “There were a lot of fans especially for Lil’ Small. We already had more security guards deployed, but it is very difficult to get here at to act. It can not be so that we in Hengevelde no artists with this awareness can books without having to be doused with beer.”

According to the spokesman, it was a lot of money paid for the coming of the rapper. “It seems to me that we don’t have something of the gage of the singer again. We will also have to think carefully how we biergooien to deal with, because this can not be.”

It is not the first time that Lil’ Small walk away from a show because the beer is thrown. In 2016, demanded the organization of a Limburg fair even money back from the rapper, because he felt a occur prematurely abandoned because of flying beer.

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