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Kristien Hemmerechts: “Dt-line is going to disappear”

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Teachers should no longer insist on the proper application of the dt-line, says a writer Kristien Hemmerechts. “You can’t expect more from students that they learn what they can do with a appje.’

Writer and professor Kristien Hemmerechts if in the One program, The Seventh Day, join the debate about the quality of education. Hemmerechts, who himself started teaching in 1980, already not that the alarm must be sound.

‘You notice that the situation has changed enormously, what you as a teacher can do and what the students expect. These relationships are completely changed, but there is not only loss, also a lot of profit. I find my students now more creative and more entrepreneurial than we were in the past’, says Hemmerechts.

The author cites the example of the dt rules. “In the past, was the dictation is tremendously important, but now each computer has a spellingscheck. In all honesty, I think the dt line will disappear. I have now all students who systematically d write: he answer (sic) with a d. I think that a lot of things that we still find very important about, say, ten or twenty disappeared.’

Hemmerechts believes that teachers previously have to go out of what their pupils can and application, than what they themselves think is so important. “Language is evolving very fast. Spoken language is a different status than written language. If allowed by you in the classroom, interesting things happen.’

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