Joke was horrifying reality

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New York – A 23-year-old woman against family joked: “he is me at the wedding asking if he throw me of a cliff’, was shortly afterwards found dead.

And she was indeed in a ravine in an American nature reserve.

The 23-year-old Rhonda Casto was in 2009 with Steve Nichols to a park in Oregon gone for she thought romantic getaway.

Tragic accident

At first it seemed the death of the young mother in a tragic accident, the family suddenly its quite strange pronunciation reminded. “We thought at the time that they have a joking,” says her sister is in an American tv show that the death of the young woman reconstructed.

Only after long insistence of the family was Nichols six years later and arrested for murder accused. When it turned out that he shortly before her death, a life insurance policy of a million dollars on her had ended.

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Worth fraud?

The court of appeal certain, however, that one of the key interrogations of Steve unacceptable. It was also found that in the course of the years important photos out of the file were gone. The agent, who is investigating the case, was retired and had his entire hard drive including the important photos just before departure is cleared, writes OregonLive.

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Insurance fraud rises

Nichols was able to do it only for ” negligence leading to the death of Casto led’ be condemned. He received three years conditionally, and even a fee because he is already 19 months in pre-trial detention had been sitting. The American continues to maintain that he had nothing to do with the death of his girlfriend.

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