Johnny de Mol find that his life is enriched by coming son

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The life of Johnny de Mol is the birth of Johnny, jr. enriched. The presenter is very happy with the little that he and Anouk van Schie in april.

The Mol is also happy that his son did not sleep cost. “We have all kinds of horror stories about baby’s heard, but we really have nothing to complain about. It is a very peaceful and quiet man”, says The Mole in conversation with “That is not in the last place by his mother. She radiates calm.”

The birth of his son, has the life of The Mole changed. According to him, is that a logical consequence of the responsibility that he carries now Johnny jr. in his life.

“Of course it does something to you and changes your life. But I can not say anything else than that the positive is. On the other hand: I’m almost forty and this I wanted for a very long time. Anouk and I have been slowly going lived, and the life now falls together like a puzzle. I’m grateful for that.”

The Mol (39) and Van Schie (35) since the summer of 2016 together. In July 2017, told the former KISS singer that they live together, two months later announced they are going to get married. Van Schie already has a daughter from a previous relationship.

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