Ivan Pecnik over his liefdesgeluk

b65a0f806d384d128c18ac7bc95c7e87 - Ivan Pecnik over his liefdesgeluk

Ivan Pecnik is this weekend personal in The Latest News. “Never would I get married, I had sworn to my wife also. But then you learn to know each other and everything revolves around. We realized: marriage is still rock’n’ roll. Choose for each other, it is just very clean. I can recommend it to everyone (laughs).” He was also an eleven year old son. “I saw myself never as a father figure. Get a child: that I have never felt the burning. But now it happened to me, I think it is a gift. I have him recognized as my legal son. It is all officialised on his birthday, for this is right: the day that your father is, is also the birthday of your child. He is now called Henri Grimbers Pecnik. That is even more definitive than my marriage: I can still divorce, but I can never de-recognize as the son

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