Is there a dead body in the season’s final Family?

8de17dc8792579cd523b0d275a9042c5 - Is there a dead body in the season's final Family?

Still 10 episodes to get the loyal viewers of Family this season. On Friday 29 June there is the very special season finale of Family. The tension is already cut, we notice that the popularity of the contents for the following weeks.. The viewers of Family heaved a Friday night sigh of relief: Ayo is still alive. The illegal refugee who crossed the ocean to England wanted to make, and a facilitator of 2,000 euros paid, sat in a refrigerated van where the temperature until the freezing point decreased. Stefanie and her dad, Benny managed to Ayo. Unfortunately, the reunion is no happy end because Ayo was in the hospital in shackles being whipped and perhaps he will be now shown. The over the ears in love Stefanie to wait a lot of times and it is now the question how one and the other one goes. Also a lot of worry for Lars that his girlfriend Marie is about to lose because he can’t make it to strange. Marie has the games of Lars and gives him one more chance, a last chance. But will Lars be the hands of other women and, in particular, Veronique can keep? The worry for Lars are certainly not over, and two weeks for the season finale is a big chance that he and Véronique have a passionate night experience. Véronique left Fashion and started with Mathias a different company, but her business partner, gets a unique job offer, an offer that he may not be just down beside her. Also headaches with Evy and Martin, especially now that Evy in plain language has said to Maarten him not to follow them to India. That Evy during the season finale in the fall of Stan runs, that we now see coming. Will Maarten are there to save her or is Evy a bird for the cat? It was, after all, Evy, who has recently hit had to be, but Stan did, just in time, but dragged Hanne with his car. Meanwhile, restores Hanne at home, but she has it difficult, and would actually like to even see no one. Next week her rehabilitation started, but will Hanne still recover? Between Emma and Guido goes from bad to worse. Even so much that many a viewer for a while, irritated at the gezanik of Emma’s two daughters – one of which is of a different man and woman wants to educate. This will also, without doubt, one of the cliffhangers during the season finale.

Happen there is also fun things in Family? For the time being not. No pregnancy, no love story where you sit back of fall, not even engagement. Hopefully we have creators of Family is something for the viewers in store, otherwise, it promises a season finale full of sadness.

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