Inmate Demirtas warns Erdogan

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ISTANBUL – The pro-Kurdish presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtas, who has more than one and a half years in custody, from prison, warned the monarchy that his rival Recep Tayyip Erdogan has in mind. Demirtas addressed Sunday to the Turkish people during the ten minutes that he legally was allowed. Are verkiezingsrede was broadcast by the state broadcaster TRT.

If Erdogan and his conservative-islamic AK party in the ballot on June 24, a majority will, then the fate of the Turks “is completely dependent on the mercy of one person”, said Demirtas voters in the prospect. Turkey will turn into an “authoritarian and tyrannical country that has been torn loose from the democracy.” His party, HDP is correct to stand up for democracy.

The Turks go next week to the polls for a new president and a new parliament to choose. Demirtas has so far only indirectly campaign. He gave interviews via his lawyer, and let employees Twitter messages spread.

The former HDP-leader is since 2016 fixed in Edirne, near the Greek and Bulgarian border. Him is inter alia membership is accused of the banned Kurdish workers party PKK. Demirtas insists that all the charges have nowhere to store it. The right extends under the political pressure of his pre-trial detention in each case. “The only reason why I still am, is that the AKP is afraid of me.”

Demirtas during the ten minute verkiezingsrede that was broadcast by the state broadcaster TRT.

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