Help it’s raining octopi!

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Qingdao – It’s raining marine life in a coastal city in China. The bizarre images to be shared via social media.

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The photos of the rare scene are created in the region to Qingdao in east China. In addition to giant hailstones fell also octopuses from the air.

In the first instance, seem to be the photos are fake and do images think of the poor ’sharknado’ movies, but the Chinese meteorological institute confirms the bizarre rain. Thus, it is possible that during a whirlwind with the force of a tornado – sea creatures are sucked up from the ocean and then a few kilometres further to fall from the sky. So reports the Daily Mail.

Photos of the octopus, a starfish, and shrimp and shells on the windscreen of cars are now massively divided. The hashtag Seafood rain even went viral.

It is not the first time that sea creatures falling from the sky. In 2017, it’s raining still fish in Mexico and in 2018 fell, in India marine animals from the air.

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