Guatemala cease search for survivors of the volcanic eruption

d6100bd763e278a76be9cf5ac6ef6c4b - Guatemala cease search for survivors of the volcanic eruption

Two weeks after the eruption of the volcano Fuego in Guatemala, the authorities have the search for survivors stopped. There are still almost 200 people missing.

“The searches in the villages of San Miguel Los Lotes, and El Rodeo will be terminated,” says the rampendienst of the Central American country Sunday. ‘The area is uninhabitable and very dangerous.’ By the strong rain and new eruptions were the bergingswerken previously been several times interrupted.

After the eruption of June 3, were sure 110 people and 197 people are still missing. According to the authorities are 186 houses completely destroyed and 750 buildings are heavily damaged. There must be five hundred million quetzal (approximately 58 million euros) will be invested for the reconstruction, estimated president Jimmy Morales earlier this week.

The 3.763 meters high Fuego is located in the Sierra Madre, about forty kilometers from Guatemala City and in the neighborhood of the colonial city of Antigua. It was the biggest eruption since 1974, say local experts.

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