Great made Foo Fighters at the Pinkpop festival

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Foo Fighters had something to make up for the Pinkpop festival, after their injuries and late cancellation in 2015 and so did the Americans Saturday night in a grand manner. A more committed rocker than frontman Dave Grohl, we go in Landgraaf this weekend, not see.

Enthusiastic is one description. Completely out of control another. It is how we, the ex-drummer of Nirvana to know since he and his Foo Fighters to the world conquered. A showman pur sang on the stage of don’t know. Continues to run, continues to bounce and scream. It is never enough for Grohl and a better weapon eye-to-eye with the huge crowds for the Pinkpop festival’s Mainstage is not there.

Early in the set gave the audience the ‘oldies’ Learn to fly, and a pumping version of The pretender to her ears. Rope ran not much later, quite out of hand when drummer Taylor Hawkins on his hips. In the central section of the highlights as My hero and These days showed Foo Fighters are closing a larger friends with everyone from Pearl Jam to a day earlier. Also because the group itself not too seriously, as evidenced by Queen cover Under pressure. Which was Grohl on the drumkruk, while Hawkins showed a very decent Freddie Mercury in it.

Support act

In the ‘support act’ on the biggest Pinkpop festival, stage, were Nothing But Thieves and The Script exactly wrong to be programmed. Of the last to know they are in Landgraaf, that they are a great popshow, the Irish came here already three times before, and it made their actions a little predictable. Was bad really, but relevant, or of value-added either.

That of Nothing But Thieves at the end of the afternoon, that was all. The British rockers were due to the public prior to the ‘must have’ bombed and were chosen largely true. Technically gifted, contagious, heart and soul, and musically a big adventure in this company. The first young band, that this year we saw with stadionpotentie. Nothing But Thieves await a great future as they live so as to continue to perform.


The afternoon belonged to the frontvrouwen. Somewhat surprising was the first Becca Macintyre of the British punkrockband Marmozets. The energy of this set and especially that lady first filled was exactly the pepper that Pinkpop needed. Miss Montreal had a little longer need to the masses for the mainstage. But they, too, ran and bounced so incessantly about the stage that the big field ultimately couldn’t otherwise than meezwaaien and sing on Just a flirt, Sanne Hans’ doorbraakhit from 2008.

Tomorrow is day three of the Pinkpop festival 2018. His performances there include Ronnie Flex, The Kooks, Triggerfinger, Editors, Oscar and the Wolf, and the great and remarkable valve this year: Bruno Mars.

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