Grandmother strangles bobcat with bare hands

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Hart County – A rabid bobcat in Hart County (Georgia) in the United States, a 46-year-old woman attacked, beat him to death. The resolute Dede Phillips strangled the aggressive animal with her bare hands.

The woman was in her driveway attacked by the beast, that her bite and scratched and a couple of fingers broke, reports Dede Phillips knew the animal that is over 10 pounds can be, however, by the throat to seize, and slowly but surely, to strangle. All the while she screamed: “My granddaughter of five was inside sleeping and I didn’t want them to come out.”

Research pointed out that the animal is rabies. Dede Phillips will therefore be a series of expensive and painful injecies should take to prevent the disease her in his grip. A cousin has, therefore, a crowdfunding action will be started to the medical costs to cover. There is now more than ten thousand dollars were received.

The red lynx is a cousin of the European lynx and is virtually everywhere in the United States under the name bobcat. The animals are known as shy and difficult to catch. Males can reach up to 15 kilos.

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