Gerard (32) wins the case of medicijnreus

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TERNEUZEN – De Zeeuw Gerard Eggebeen (32) has won medicijnreus GlaxoSmithKline. ,,David against Goliath,” he says. The district court of Midden-Nederland will find that he unnecessarily psychologically damaged by years of use of the antidepressiemiddel Seroxat. The manufacturer does not agree with the ruling.

Eggebeen got at the age of 14 for the first time, the treatment in the highest dose. That would never be allowed to happen, according to the judge, who now has determined that the pharmaceutical manufacturer is completely liable for the damage to Eggebeen. According to the court, has GSK unlawfully acted by, at the time ,,not to warn of serious side effects with use of this antidepressant by young people”.

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