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France is not convincing, but wins thanks to VAR and controversial Pogba against Australia

d8451ca9723c8d6ab00df16df9ac04e5 - France is not convincing, but wins thanks to VAR and controversial Pogba against Australia

France is the soccer world cup started with a three pointer. Our neighbours had to put up a fight, because the opponent Australia gave is not going to be won: it was 2-1 after penaltygoals of Griezmann and Jedinak, and a late hit of Pogba. The French penalty kick came after the intervention of the videoref – the first ever in the world cup history.

The French began their world cup with the expected eleven, also enfant terrible Paul Pogba. In advance, the question is not whether France would score against Australia from the Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk in 2010 world cup finalist with his country. France seemed to be that expectations also force by some small injections. A child prodigy, Mbappé went quickly by, but hit the leather at the hands of Mathew Ryan – an old, well-known for Belgian football fans, wan the keeper played in recent past, still at Club Brugge and Racing Genk. Also Pogba and Griezmann strike the nose already to the window in the openingsminuten.

After the openingskwartier disappeared from the French dominance, and could also be the Socceroos meevoetballen, to jolijt of the fans. Tolisso devoured on a free-kick from Mooy egg so after his own goalkeeper. The same Mooy crossed themselves with both offensive and defensive strong game to the engine of the Australian team. On the stroke of peace were the geelhemden have an excellent chance at the 0-1, but both Sainsbury if Jedinak could Lloris is not correct. The players were allowed with a brilscore the changing rooms to search.

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In the second half, there was initially little threat note. After ten minutes of play, suddenly a gift from the sky came falling to the French: Risdon took Griezmann back in the zestienmetergebied. The Uruguayan ref Urenha went into the catacombs the analysis of video footage and decided to take a penalty kick to grant, who then flawlessly was binnengetrapt by Griezmann: 1-0. The same Griezmann made it a few minutes later, just 2-0. The French were, however, the lid on the nose when Umtiti in the own penalty area the ball with the hand to tremble. A stupid mistake, Jedinak took the French gift gratefully and devoured Lloris from the spot: 1-1.

The French were excited by the sudden end and a new shooting skill had a long time to wait. Tolisso was even good when he was on the emergency brake had to pull in Juric and ‘only’ a yellow was given. Ultimately, it was Paul Pogba who still made the difference: via the leg of Sainsbury and the lat all the amenities the ball over Ryan and the goal line. Equally, there was some doubt, but the doellijntechnologie was effective for Pogba and co. The Australians tried with all his strength alongside of us to come, but also a substitute Arzani – with its 19 springs, the youngest player at this world cup – the Socceroos won’t do. 2-1 would be the final standings turn out

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