Ex Simon Cowell ever molested in cottage Cowell

beb27bf807eab3c9c273b43e5b4da99e - Ex Simon Cowell ever molested in cottage Cowell

The British singer Sinitta, who spent years as a knipperlichtrelatie had with Simon Cowell, is ever molested in the villa of Cowell.

That explains the 54-year-old singer against the Sunday Mirror.

Sinitta tells of how the two of them in the eighties, arranged guests received in their French villa. “In one of those weekends remained a man to stay with us.” When Sinitta showed him the different rooms showed to choose from, he pulled her on the bed.

The singer managed to escape and ran to Cowell, who savage was and the man with his behavior confronted. Sinitta wants to go to the police, but decided eventually not to. “It is frightening because he is a powerful, influential man. Who knows what the consequences for me will be.”


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